Learn today, change the world tomorrow!

About Us

The "Ukrainian Global School" LLC is a network of private educational institutions for children aged 2 to 18 years. The structure of the LLC includes 2 kindergartens, as well as primary and secondary schools.
On October 26, 2023, Ukrainian Global School LLC was granted the status of an international school and the right to implement the programs of the Cambridge International School (Centre Number - UA 023) in the following areas:-Cambridge Early Years Programme (preschool education);-Cambridge Primary with Cambridge Primary Checkpoint (primary education);-Cambridge Lower with Cambridge Lower Checkpoint (secondary school).


In the warm and friendly community of Ukrainian Global School, happy children carve their path to success, supported by a team of educators, diverse educational programs, and global experience crafted just for them. The founder of Ukrainian Global School is Olena Vyshniakova, the Honorary Consul of the Latvian Republic in Ukraine, a psychologist, psychotherapist, and entrepreneur.

As educators, we bear the responsibility of preparing our children to become citizens of a global society. We design the educational process so that every child can find their place in the constantly changing modern world. Our goal is to teach students to collaborate with anyone, anywhere!

Olena VYSHNIAKOVAFounder of Ukrainian Global School


Who we are and what we do?

We know that every child has unique abilities, strengths, ambitions, and interests. That's why at UGS, we provide every child the opportunity to carve their own path in learning. Under the guidance of our experienced educators, your child will discover a world of possibilities that will inspire them to be better every day!

CEO of LLC "Ukrainian Global School"

The Strategic Idea of UGS


We help students find their place in the world, inspiring them towards personal growth, academic achievements, and leadership for the common good.


Ukrainian Global School is an educational space that influences changes in Ukrainian society. Our educational concept, rooted in international relations and business, shapes a new generation of Ukrainians: proactive, responsible individuals capable of changing themselves, the country, and the world around them.


Our Values

From early childhood, the academic education of each student is reinforced by our values – respect, internationalism, synergy, and excellence. These unite our community, foster global citizenship, and provide a solid personal, social, and emotional foundation.


We respect and value:

● Ourselves, our families, and all members of our community,● Other cultures and religions;● The environment;● The property of others;● The laws and traditions of the society in which we live and work.


We welcome everyone from everywhere, because:

● We are open;● We value diversity;● We approach differences with understanding;● We are always eager to work with others.


We strive to be a responsible community:

● We focus our efforts on what we can change right now;● We support each other, as well as each other's new and bold ideas;● We bear social responsibility towards others;● We count on the involvement and achievements of everyone!


We create educational products that meet the highest standards and will be needed tomorrow!

● We value results, not the time spent or expended on work;● We strive for continuous self-improvement and development;● We understand that our efficiency determines the success of our students and the future!

Our advantages


Child Development Inside and Outside the Classroom

Our educational programs are aimed at redefining the learning experience for students through our five key educational components: the best teachers, academic excellence, a unique educational experience, leadership for the common good, and a modern educational environment.


The Best Teachers

UGS teachers are inspired educators and vibrant personalities. Their mission is to cultivate skills, values, and a global understanding of processes that your child will need for development beyond the school boundaries.
Our educators continuously learn, share ideas with colleagues around the world to enhance their professional skills, and have access to leading educational resources, including Cambridge International School. This ensures that teachers offer advanced academic programs and extracurricular experiences, and your child receives knowledge in an engaging and accessible form.


Academic Excellence

We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to teaching and learning - what captivates and motivates your child may differ from the interests and passions of their friends. That's why - from preschool age to high school - each student follows an individual path that builds their strengths and realizes their future hopes.
We believe that learning is a personal responsibility of students, as their academic achievements open up a limitless world of possibilities for them.


Unique Educational Experience

During the holidays, we organize thematic camps and field project schools that combine learning with the practical application of children's knowledge, offering boundless opportunities for fun, leisure, and relaxation. This unique educational experience involves interaction with successful entrepreneurs and practitioners, allowing students to create their own products.
In addition, we place great emphasis on applying the knowledge students acquire in real life. Our ongoing projects in financial literacy and farming help understand the full production cycle - from product creation to its realization.


Leadership for the Common Good

With so many opportunities for service, leadership, and charitable activities, our students learn about the immense value of helping others and advocating for what they believe in.
Our leadership program fosters responsible, eco-friendly, active, creative, and healthy behavior.
Students are encouraged to participate in events that benefit the school community. Reflecting our values, your child will learn to work in a team, solve complex problems, and communicate effectively within our student assembly.


Modern Educational Environment

Our school is equipped with modern classrooms, including sports, dance, and assembly halls, an art studio, classes for vocal lessons, playing musical instruments, and a safe shelter.
Innovative educational technologies (EdTech) are effortlessly integrated into our teaching and learning processes. All our students have access to a broad spectrum of interactive technologies, including iPads, MacBooks, 3D printers, robotics, and software. In our contemporary science lab, your child will "invent the future" by exploring the limitless possibilities of STEAM education.