Ukrainian Global School

Ukrainian Global School is a modern school with global approach. 


Studying process is based on innovative program that has no equals.  We have integrated leading methods and approaches that have proved high efficiency in different countries into the “New Ukrainian School” program.

Modern educational hub, up-to-date facilities and the team of qualified teachers provide a high-standard education based on the latest methodics. The most important is the opportunity for pupils to implement the knowledge in practice.

The main goal of our school is to give all necessary instruments for development of new skills, creating own projects and unleashing the unique potential of each pupil in any corner of the world.


Ukrainian Global School - is:

  • Innovative program. Educational program “New Ukrainian School” developed by leading global and author’s programs and methods.
  • STEM-education. Progressive STEM-based approach is implemented into whole curriculum that encourages creative development and mastering of technical disciplines.
  • Startup Education. Studying process is based on involvement in active enterprises, introduction to leading companies, professions, mentorship of successful managers.
  • International cooperation. Collaboration with leading educational institutions: international education programs integration, students and teachers experience exchange.
  • Creative projects. Practical usage of new knowledge here and now with the focus on skills development, creative projects performance and as a result – own Startup of each pupil.
  • Educational hub that inspires. The School was designed according to individual project. Only natural and hypo-allergic materials were used for decoration and facilities, furniture was custom-made.
  • Global Clubs – classes that encourage balanced all-round development of children: Action Club (active recreation club), Creative Club (section focused on creative development and invention), Social Club (leadership and communicational skills development program).
  • Global Team. We have gathered professionals with unique experience and great desire to share. Each member of the team is a teacher by vocation who works with pleasure and constantly expands own horizons with enthusiasm. Teachers continue to develop their skills in Ukraine and abroad.
  • Global Hub – international educational projects platform.