New Ukrainian School

The program includes the following educational branches: linguistic-literary, mathematical, natural, technological, informative, social and health-saving, physical culture, artistic

Brain-Based Learning

(Neurophysiology of training)

The training is based on the latest scientific research on the individual peculiarities of perception of information.

iSTEM (I – innovation, S – science, T – technology, E – emgineering, M – mathematics)

Innovative STEM learning approach, focused on the study of science, exact disciplines and creative development.

Leadership Program

The development of leadership qualities of the child, the art of debate, the development of new media.


Art Play

Art therapy, fairy-tale therapy, positive psychology. Techniques are integrated into the daily learning process.

Early English – Let’s have fun!

Author's program of teaching English for children.

Startup Education

Cooperation program with business. Students meet and prepare joint projects with representatives of different companies and professions, which will help in one's time consciously choose a career path.

Problem Solving Education

An approach that teaches you to find the best solution in difficult situations, or in other words to solve problems.

Global Skills

Balanced multi-dimensional development of the abilities of each child in the creative (Creative Club), social (Social Club) and physical sphere (Action Club).