In march our teachers with the principal of the school came back from Haifa where exchanged the experience with Israeli colleagues. Our teacher learned to work with STEM-based system (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and shared the practice of our own English training methodic. In Israel we found our first partner - בית הספר הריאלי העברי בחיפה The Hebrew Reali School Haifa. This is a modern and progressive school that has been working according the STEM system for over 10 years and gladly agreed to share with us their experiences. Ukrainian Global School and The Hebrew Reali School Haifa signed a Memorandum of Understanding. Under the document, our students and teachers will visit Israel for exchange programs. Lot of interesting joint projects and programs are waiting for us! Let’s hold the finder on the pulse of education!

In the summer, the Ukrainian Global School team, led by Founder Olena Vyshnyakova, visited the United States on a working visit.

Our school has signed cooperation agreements with 11 schools in America. Brookdale Elementary School has already joined our international co-operation program. Joint projects with foreign partners are important for educating the leaders of the future. Students need knowledge and training that will realize their potential in any corner of the world!

Keep up to date with our news! Very soon we will tell you about joint Ukrainian-American projects that are waiting for our students.





International co-operation is one of the priorities of the Ukrainian Global School. The next step after signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation with Israeli colleagues was to get acquainted with educational programs in Norway.

At the end of April, we welcomed the Norwegian HSN delegation - Høgskolen and Sørøst-Norge (University of Southeastern Norway). Together, we have developed a program that reflects an idea of the development of dignity and democracy, and will be implemented in the Ukrainian Global School. Within this program students will learn what the notion of "dignity" means, learn to recognize themselves as personalities, resolve conflicts and defend their own interests. Cooperation involves the exchange of experience and the teaching of foreign specialists, which will provide additional English practice. Our students will be able to develop the values on which personality is based in any corner of the world.