We’ve just opened a school and already inspired by new project!
The other day there was a meeting of Ukrainian Global School founder Helen Vishnyakova, Honored president of the school Shai Piron, Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Lilia Hrynevych and Director General of Higher Education and Adult Education Oleg Sharov.

They talked about global educational trends and modern programs. And as a result – an idea to create an educational center for Ukrainian teachers at the platform of Ukrainian Global School appeared.

It was decided to start with an introduction of teachers to STEM system. Some people know about STEM, but to make it really effective as a tool, deeper knowledge is required.
For example, last spring,  teachers of Ukrainian Global School started to learn from Israeli colleagues from The Hebrew Reali School Haifa .
Also we can say that Honored president of the school Shai Piron – is an ex-Minister of Education of Israel.
Israel is the country where STEM has been implemented at a high level and has been actively practiced in schools for the last 14 years. Shai Piron’s experience is extremely valuable both for the school and for the whole-country-level program in general.