Many were intrigued by the Startup Education program in Ukrainian Global School, that’s why we decided to reveal some secrets a little bit.

So, the first partner of the school under this program is the Israeli IT company AllStars-IT. Solomon Amar, Founder and CEO of AllStars-IT Ukraine, personally visited the opening of Ukrainian Global School to congratulate our pioneers:

“In my opinion, Ukraine can become an IT Nation in the nearest future, so it is very important for children to have an opportunity to see and feel what IT sphere is . Our cooperation with Ukrainian Global School will provide this opportunity for children, who could be involved and become a part of this sphere from an early age.
We will do our best to maximize cooperation and contribution to development of IT in Ukraine, “he said.

AllStars-IT curators will help our pupils to dive into IT world – they will show an office, will tell how everything is arranged in company, and will give an example how simple things, such as computer games, can help to implement own plans and ideas.
And this is just a top of the iceberg!