Founder of Ukrainian Global School

Elena Vyshniakova, author of such successful educational projects as kindergarten Kudryavsky and Izumrudny child development center, businesswoman and Honorary Consul of the Republic of Latvia to Ukraine, founded the innovative school that will change Ukrainian education system.

“It took me about 10 years to prepare this project and it became a logical extension for the activity we started with Kudryavsky. We always taught the children in a different way, prepared interesting and progressive programs. Ukrainian Global School is a great step forward. With opening the School, we have opened a whole world of opportunities for children, who will grow into new better adults. I am absolutely confident that Ukraine will become a center of innovative education. And I'll do my best to make this dream comes true.” – pointed Elena Vyshniakova. Confirmation of that is a common initiative with the Ministry of Education of Ukraine regarding the training of Ukrainian teachers of the STEM-approach at the premises of the School.

The rule to “think global” extends not only to pupils but to each member of the Ukrainian Global School team. Elena Vyshniakova gives a worthy example: “In the future the School will become a point of growth for the whole country. It will become R&D center, international hub, which will develop global educational trends, educate teachers and will change education in Ukraine for better.


Honorary PRESIDENT of Ukrainian Global School

Shaye Peron has started his career as a teacher and followed the path to the Minister of Education of Israel. His work on the position of Minister of Education started directly from acquaintance with educational institutions and visit of all (!) schools of Israel, therefore he understands quite well the challenges and capabilities of modern education.  At one time Mr. Peron made a great effort to reform the system of the country, and now he implements original ideas to Ukrainian Global School as the Honorary President of the school.

“Era of memorizing is over. Now it is enough to make few clicks in Google to find required information. We live in the era of thinking where the main skills are to analyze and to use information. That’s what we are going to teach pupils of our school with the help of latest technologies and innovations. For example, you are unlikely going to the best doctor in the country if he uses the same practice as 50 years ago. The same situation is with the education - you have to keep finger on the pulse of modern world. “– told Shaye Peron.


“Progress is what happens when we try to make our lifes easier. Lots of examples of inventions made in Israel were developed thanks to simple ideas that were on the surface. Flash storage-devises, online messengers, GPS navigators and even a translating pen. These inventions have changed the world but they could have been invented anywhere. Our goal is to teach children to dream not only before they go to sleep. They have to dream and create that. Who knows, maybe each of them will bring something genius to the world?”
– Honorary President of Ukrainian Global School has shared his thoughts.